Our Story

We’re on a mission to clean indoor air.

The Puraclenz team is doing something that has never been done before: Reducing dangerous viruses, mold, and bacteria in indoor air and on exposed surfaces in an effective, safe to use, and affordable way to help people all over the world experience cleaner indoor air and breathe easier.

At the Forefront of the Future of Clean.

Puraclenz is a technology company working to clean indoor air around the globe. Our experienced product development and production team shares a commitment to developing innovative, powerful, and affordable solutions that are safe for people to use in homes and businesses worldwide.

Everything we do is rooted in science. We’ve evolved the technology used by astronauts at the International Space Station to clean the air in homes and businesses around the globe. What we’re doing has never been done before: cleaning indoor air and surfaces and reducing dangerous viruses, bacteria, and mold more effectively and more affordably than the most affordable HEPA product on the market.

From outer space to your space, we’re revolutionizing 24/7 purification technology to contribute to a clean air future and help people breathe easy.

Our Values.

Breathe Easy.

We’re building a future where it’s easier to breathe and thrive in everyday indoor spaces in both homes and businesses.

Aim Higher.

We pursue excellence in everything we do, addressing critical real-world problems, raising the bar, and delivering innovation with excellence.

Lead the Way.

We’re passionate about building revolutionary solutions that empower people to take control of the quality of the indoor air they breathe.

Revolutionary 24/7 Indoor Air Purification Began Here.

More than 10 years ago, a friend of Puraclenz co-founder and executive chairman Wendell Minnick died as the result of a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) and related malpractice. This event inspired Wendell and Chris Dooley to spend the next three years researching the growing problem of HAIs and the mounting death toll of more than 100,000 annual U.S. hospital patients and an estimated one million deaths globally.

What quickly became clear is that hospitals and outpatient surgery facilities depend on handwashing as their primary defense against HAIs. Technology-based solutions aimed at addressing HAIs typically include ultra violet (UV) light systems, such as large “room-zapping” UV robots, handheld UV wands, and UV-charged air filters. Many large hospital owner-operators spent millions on UV robots and, in most cases, have stopped using them because they are economically and operationally inefficient.

Working to Solve a Serious Problem.

Chris and Wendell recognized the critical need for an affordable, safe to use, and powerful air purification solution. Further research led them to UVAIRx, Inc., a small company in Denver, Colorado, that had innovative ideas for improving the effectiveness of proven photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology – the same technology used in the International Space Station to provide cleaner air for astronauts.

Over the next seven years, Chris and Wendell provided substantial investment and technical and management assistance to UVAIRx. During that time, UVAIRx successfully developed, patented, and market-tested new next-gen indoor air purification technology. Chris and Wendell founded Puraclenz in 2020, and under an asset purchase agreement Puraclenz acquired these patents and hired the technology’s inventor, Jerrod Keith, as the company’s vice president of research and development.

Indoor Air Purification Reinvented.

Chris, Wendell, and Jerrod have more than five decades of combined experience developing consumer and industrial products and bringing those products to market. The team has an extensive history of leading proprietary industrial and consumer product development efforts with such partners as DuPont, Lockheed, Corning, iRobot, and Kodak, as well as inventing and producing numerous proprietary consumer products protected by global patents.

Under the leadership of this team, Puraclenz added proprietary features to the patented design and began production of the next-generation version of PCO technology.

Our reinvention of indoor air purification is well-timed to provide a powerful, safe, and affordable solution to help families and businesses navigate the current global pandemic, future viral-based threats, and threats posed by dangerous bacteria and mold.

Our Leadership Team.

Chris Dooley

CEO, Co-Founder

Chris Dooley leads Puraclenz operations, product development, sales, marketing, finance and manufacturing. He is also a member of the company’s board of directors.

Chris is an accomplished senior executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with more than 25 years of success in SMART consumer product industries. He has held leadership positions with Marvel’s toy division, Product Spring, Online Devices and iRobot. Chris led operations, U.S. sales, and marketing for iRobot’s Roomba launch and later established Roomba’s international distribution network in Europe, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Greater China. Chris is successful serial entrepreneur who has founded 5 startups, invented over 80 consumer products and 15 issued patents.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA from New York University.

Wendell Minnick

Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Wendell Minnick co-manages company operations and marketing with Chris Dooley. He also has direct responsibility for investor relations and sales. Wendell is also a member of the company’s board of directors.

Wendell has an extensive career as a founder, investor, and manager of early-stage companies in the energy/energy tech, materials science/nanotech, software systems, and direct consumer products industries. He has developed and commercialized advanced ceramic and nano-composite material technologies for military and commercial applications, raising more than $500 million in equity investments. His pre-seed investment in UVAIRx, Inc., enabled the advancement of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology and the securing of a U.S. patent.

Wendell received a bachelor’s degree in Business from Principia College and completed MBA studies in International Economics at New York University and the London School of Economics.

Jerrod Keith

Vice President of R&D

Jerrod Keith leads research and efficacy development of all Puraclenz products.

Jerrod spent 10 years as the head of research and development for UVAIRx, Inc., where he was responsible for designing and developing all UVAIRx air purification products. He oversaw UVAIRx products from initial concept design and 3D modeling, to rapid prototyping and patent protection, to design for manufacture and assembly, to product testing. He is the inventor of Puraclenz’s reaction core system for the photocatalytic purifiers patent.

Jerrod earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (Architecture) from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Richard Mangi MD, MBA

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Richard Mangi is the chief medical advisor for Puraclenz.

Richard’s practice expertise includes the treatment of allergies, asthma, sinus disease, muscle and joint problems, complicated infections and travel medicine. For over twenty years Richard was Chief of Allergy, Rheumatology and Infectious Disease at the Hospital of Saint Raphael. He has also maintained a private practice in the greater New Haven area since 1974. He is a retired clinical associate professor of medicine at Yale Medical School.

Richard graduated from Cornell University College of Arts and Science and S.U.N.Y. Downstate Medical Center summa cum laude. His post graduate medical training included internship and residency in internal medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital, staff associate at the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and fellowship at Yale Medical School. He also received an M.B.A. with honors from New York University Stern School of Business.

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