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On a mission to get back to business.

We envision clean air in every room.

Puraclenz is a technology company working to solve the world’s biggest health crisis in over a century. To solve this problem, we’ve assembled an experienced product development and production team who shares a vision and commitment to develop a viable solution for businesses and homes.

Our mission is to get people back to business, by using our technology to safely clean indoor air and surfaces, continuously and efficiently. Everyone on our team believes in our mission and the hard work required to create cleaner indoor environments around the world.

The Puraclenz team realizes it is working together on something that has never been done before: providing help to reduce dangerous viruses and bacteria, safely, effortlessly, and at a low cost, to help people everywhere in the world to have cleaner interior air for a more productive life.


Development of our current next-gen indoor purification technology started more than 10 years ago when a friend of one of our founders lost his life due to a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) and related malpractice. This event inspired a research dive into the growing problem of HAI’s and the mounting death toll of over 100,000 annual US hospital patients and an estimated 1 million deaths globally.

After three years of research on the HAI problem, it was clear that hospitals and outpatient surgery facilities depend on handwashing as their primary defense against HAI’s. Technology-based solutions focused on the HAI problem typically include ultra violet (UV) light systems in various configurations, including large “room-zapping UV robots,” hand-held UV wands, and UV-charged air filters. Many large hospital owner-operators have spent millions on UV robots and, in most cases, have terminated their use. In the words of the former Chief Medical Officer of a $20 billion hospital owner operator, “Our UV robots were economically and operationally inefficient.”

The need for a low-priced, safe, and powerful solution became the mandate for the founders of Puraclenz. Further research led to a small company in Denver, Colorado (UVAIRx, Inc.) that had new ideas for improving the power and safety of the well-documented and proven photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology: the same technology used by NASA in the International Space Station (ISS) to provide cleaner air for astronauts. Substantial investment and technical and management assistance was provided to UVAIRx, Inc by the Puraclenz founders. Over a period of seven years, the company successfully developed and market-tested a new proprietary technology for which they received issued patents. Under an Asset Purchase Agreement, Puraclenz acquired these patents and hired its inventor, Jerrod Keith, as VP of R&D.  Puraclenz added proprietary features to the patented design and commenced production of this next-generation version of PCO technology.

The Puraclenz management team (Minnick, Dooley and Keith) have over five decades of combined experience developing and bringing to market consumer and industrial products. The team has an extensive history of leading proprietary industrial and consumer product development with such partners as DuPont, Lockheed, Corning, iRobot and Kodak, as well as inventing and producing numerous proprietary consumer products protected by global patents.

Puraclenz’ re-invention of interior air purification is well-timed to provide a powerful, low-cost and safe solution to help business and families combat the current global pandemic and any future viral-based threats.

The Team

Chris Dooley

Co-Founder, CEO

Chris leads operations, product development, marketing and manufacturing for Puraclenz, and is a board member. Chris is an accomplished senior executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with more than 25 years of success in SMART consumer product industries. Throughout his executive career, Chris has held leadership positions with Product Spring, Online Devices, and iRobot with over 80 successful products launched. Chris led operations, USA sales, and marketing for iRobot’s Roomba launch, and later established Roomba’s international distribution network in Europe, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan and Greater China. He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and MBA from New York University.

Wendell Minnick

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Wendell co-manages the company with Chris and has direct responsibility for finance, sales and co-director of marketing. Wendell has an extensive career as a founder/investor and manager of early stage companies in energy/energy tech, materials science/nanotech, software systems and direct consumer products (QVC). Wendell led a $914,000 Series Pre-Seed investment in UVAIRx, Inc. starting in September of 2014, resulting in advancing PCO technology and securing a US Patent. Wendell received his BA in Business from Principia College and completed MBA studies in International Economics at New York University and the London School of Economics.

Jerrod Keith

Vice President of R&D

As the head of research and development for UVAIRx, Inc. for 10 years, Jerrod was responsible for designing and developing all UVAIRx air purification products and is listed as the inventor of the allowed Reaction Core System for Photocatalytic Purifiers patent. With Puraclenz, Jerrod continues as VP of R&D and leads research and efficacy development of all the company’s products. Jerrod earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (Architecture) from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Dr. Ripley Ballou

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ballou directs efficacy development and regulatory compliance for Puraclenz products. He has led multi-disciplinary teams with a track record of conducting gold-standard vaccine trials and large epidemiology studies. Dr. Ballou was previously Vice President and Head at GSK Global Vaccines U.S. R&D Center in Rockville, Maryland. He also served as Deputy Director for Vaccines, Infectious Diseases Development, Global Health, at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Trained in internal Medicine and infectious diseases, he began his work on vaccines at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where he led the team that co-developed RTS,S, the world’s most advanced malaria vaccine. Ballou received his M.D. from Emory University School of Medicine and completed his residency and fellowship in infectious diseases at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.