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Eliminate viruses mid-air and on exposed surfaces.

Welcome to the future of clean.

Puraclenz cleans indoor air and exposed surfaces at the source. Our certified ozone free PCO technology is designed to continuously deactivate dangerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold spores and more.

Scientifically proven against viruses.

Destroys Viruses Mid-Air.

99.4% effective at reducing MS2 virus in the air. MS2 bacteriophage is a FDA recognized proxy virus of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Deactivates Viruses on Surfaces.

58% effective at reducing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Virus was placed on plates 10 feet away from a P3000 unit in a large room that had full outdoor air changes during the one hour length of study.


$ 299.99

Air & Surface Purifier for extra-large spaces up to 750 sq ft.

Purifies bedrooms, treatment spaces, hotel rooms and small offices.
P1500 Puraclenz Purifier


$ 399.99$ 319.99

Air & Surface Purifier for extra-large spaces up to 1,500 sq ft.

Great for medium size open spaces, living rooms, classrooms, large offices and conference rooms.
P3000 Puraclenz Purifier


$ 499.99$ 399.99

Air & Surface Purifier for extra-large spaces up to 3,000 sq ft.

Perfect for wide open spaces such as common spaces, great rooms, restaurants and hallways.

Go beyond collecting particles in a filter, destroy pathogens mid-air and on surfaces. Laboratory tests prove Puraclenz Air Purifiers are effective against:

Dangerous Bacteria

Puraclenz is more than 99.7% effective at reducing airborne methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis (MRSE), a bacterial organism responsible for many difficult-to-treat infections.

Mold Growth

Independent studies confirm that Puraclenz dynamically destroys mold mid-air and on exposed surfaces, continuously cleaning throughout a typical indoor space 24/7.

More than just an Air Purifier.

Conventional air purifiers filter pollutants through air circulation. Puraclenz is different. Puraclenz uses an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) originally used in the International Space Station to provide clean air for astronauts.

Reduces Odors.

Effective against lingering odors caused by mold, smoke and bacteria. Puraclenz proactively reduces odors from the air and difficult-to-reach surfaces such as walls, furniture and fabrics.

Cleaner Air Has Never Been Simpler, More Effective, or More Affordable.

Quick setup

Just plug it in. No expensive installation required. Cleaning starts the second you turn it on.

Low maintenance

Automatically cleans air and surfaces 24/7. Fast & simple to change maintenance parts – no mechanical skills needed.

Easy to scale

Expandable purification system for small spaces, large rooms & anything in between.

Leasing options available

Start purifying your space even quicker and just pay as you go.

30-day trial

Love it – or return it for a full refund within 30 days.

0% APR available

Get monthly payments with Affirm.

Ozone Free

Puraclenz is zero ozone certified and scientifically proven to not create VOC byproducts.

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Reviews from our customers.

Kathleen J.
Kathleen J.
Verified Buyer
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Peace of mind
We have three cats and four dogs. Ive searched for some time to find something to help with cat box and dog ordors, but the puraclenz goes beyond that. In less than ten minutes not only was the smell gone, but the air smelled fresh and felt crisper. And because we have family that's allergic to pet dander, they can come over now. This machine has soo many health benefits.... it truly gives me peace of mind... I love, love, love it!!
Karen I.
Karen I.
Verified Buyer
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It's great!
It's working really well. Its small size makes it easy to take with me to work, so I can use it both there and at home, and help reduce the chances I'll pick up a bug from someone visiting my workplace — and so far, so good. (It's particularly important because my immune system has challenges, and needs all the help it can get.) I'm very thankful for that!
Ware G.
Ware G.
Verified Buyer
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It Works
My chorus runs two of these during rehearsals, and although there have been times when members have tested positive for covid following a rehearsal, it hasn't spread to others. So I bought a couple for my home, and my husband and I have noticed that we no longer wake up with stuffy noses in the morning after running one in our bedroom.
James D.
James D.
Verified Buyer
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Works as advertised
The way my house is divided, I've had to move the device to several locations throughout the house. The first place I put it was in my entryway. After two days, when walking into the house, I was certain that the mildew smell was was substantially less because that's where I noticed it the most. Since moving it around to various rooms, I can tell the whole house is smelling better, and my smelling better, I mean not at all. I'm very happy with the purchase and the unit is extremely light so it's easy to move. And I so appreciate your follow ups to see how it has been working and if I have questions.
Verified Buyer
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Extremely Satisfied
We had a vacation with multiple people coming in from out of state with all of us staying at a rental house. The first day one person tested positive for COVID. It was very reassuring that we had brought the Puraclenz. Nobody else ended up with COVID. The Puraclenz air purifiers are excellent in many ways, but for me, it is the "Scientific Proof" that demonstrates that these products are absolutely the real deal!
Rodger R.
Rodger R.
Verified Buyer
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Awesome Air Purifying!
The P750 is running full time in my living room and helps eliminate odors left by our pet cats as well as reduces the chances of my wife or I getting sick when our toddler son gets sick from pre-school. It's a game-changer in our current society to keep your homes healthy and clean.

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